Clockwork VFX


Whale Boy by Nigel

Whaleboy, the brainchild of Patrick Morgan, exists in the real world as a 6 inch vinyl toy. He’s a character so unique and goofy, that when I first discovered him, felt compelled to create him in 3d. I was finally able to complete the model recently, and do a couple of fun renders with two of his four interchangable faces. His scream face just suited an idea I’d been tossing about in my head for a few days. The gag was simple, Whaleboy, flat on his back, fallen over, or left outside, screaming up at the blue sky as birds used him for target practice. Below you can find the progress of that render, which I’ll revisit someday and complete, when I next have some free time. Dont hold your breath though, as it took me 4 years to get to this point :)

The Place, The People

New Paraphernalia

It’s been a long time coming but we are that much closer to updating all our company paraphernalia. Here’s a quick preview of the designs that’ll be used on the….everything!

Shots of the New Office

Although not yet fully unpacked, but still enjoying ourselves, we thought we would share some quick photos of the new offices. As you can see, there is still a lot of space to fill up :)

3D World Magazine

3D World Magazine, it’s cool, it’s global, and we just got featured.

And we’re in!

Yip, it has been a LONG weekend, but everything has been moved across and we’re all setup. This blog is even being updated from our new office, using our new internet connection. So as you can imagine, there are smiles everywhere :-)

We’re moving today!

Well, today is the day! We’re finally moving offices, and the packing is about to start. We probably have a few late nights ahead of us, but after that, everything should be up and running again by Sunday morning. So we’re all holding thumbs!