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  • Play-Doh Star Wars
    Play-Doh Star Wars

    These are not the Dohs you are looking for! Oh yes they are!

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  • Play-Doh “Doh Doh Adventure” Official Trailer
    Play-Doh “Doh Doh Adventure” Official Trailer

    Oh my goodness what we wouldn’t give for a Doh Doh movie!

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  • Faberge Pitch
    Faberge Pitch

    The Faberge Pearl Egg is the first “Imperial-Class” egg from Faberge in nearly 100 years.

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  • Bazooka Joe – Sugar Free
    Bazooka Joe – Sugar Free

    Poor Mort shows off his stretchy “hulk” jeans as he gets bigger and bigger and bigger in the Bazooka Joe sugar free spot.

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  • Bazooka Joe 2.0
    Bazooka Joe 2.0

    Bazooka Joe has a new look! The online competition has yielded a winner and we had a blast in the process!

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  • Hot Wheels
    Hot Wheels

    Welcome to the Wonderful World of Hot Wheels in its multiple, orange tracked glory!

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  • Bazooka Joe
    Bazooka Joe

    It’s not every day a 50’s kid with an eyepatch tries to sell you gum!

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  • McDonald’s Monopoly
    McDonald’s Monopoly

    McDonald’s celebrates the return of two legends – LeBron James and Mr Monopoly!

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  • Power Rangers
    Power Rangers

    It’s Morphin’ Time! We created an army of Power Rangers, based on the Power Ranger Key toys.

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  • Marvel Battle Masters
    Marvel Battle Masters

    We are back in the Battlemasters arena and this time Ironman and Hulk get in on the action with a no holds barred Super Hero Slam!

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  • Qatar Summer Festival
    Qatar Summer Festival

    It’s more than just fun in the sun for Qatar’s Summer Festival.

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  • Friends of the Air
    Friends of the Air

    Wordsworth may have wandered lonely as a cloud, but Friends of the Air make happy clouds!

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  • Game of Life
    Game of Life

    Using the 2D artwork from the game board, our team crafted a wonderfully detailed mini-verse.

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  • Dubai Motor Show
    Dubai Motor Show

    These funky graphics illustrate the Dubai Motor Show’s theme of Passion on Wheels.

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  • Transformers Battle Masters
    Transformers Battle Masters

    We build up the excitement with an homage to boxing classics, cramming all the key moments into this 90 second extravaganza!

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  • UAE League Cup
    UAE League Cup

    The UAE League Cup soccer stars trip the light Tron-tastic, in their futuristic arena.

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  • Monster 500
    Monster 500

    The scariest, wackiest monster race you have ever seen!

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  • Kinect Sports Rivals
    Kinect Sports Rivals

    We were so thrilled to be involved in the launch of Kinect Sports Rivals for Xbox One!

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  • Pirate101

    Clockwork recreated the Pirate world and characters for the game cinematic. Yarr!!

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  • Monopoly Junior
    Monopoly Junior

    Welcome to Monopoly Town, with your gracious host: Mr Monopoly himself!

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  • Star Wars – Jetpack Get Back
    Star Wars – Jetpack Get Back

    Hasbro’s Star Wars Micro Heroes are unleashed in this series of 5 webisodes.

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  • Kreo Microchangers
    Kreo Microchangers

    Kreo Microchangers battle it out, proving that they may be small but they kick serious ass!

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  • Shopkins

    These adorable little guys are brought to multicolor life in this chipper and cheerful spot.

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  • Beast Hunters
    Beast Hunters

    The new Transformers Beast Hunters spot features an awesome ‘toys come to life’ battle between good and evil.

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  • Rani Fusion
    Rani Fusion

    Smooshing a banana and a strawberry together to create fruit juice, is all in a week (or two’s) work for some!

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  • McCormick

    Tasked with creating a few of the flavours that make up McCormick (USA) seasonings.

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  • Reindeer Names
    Reindeer Names

    This wonderfully awkward little scene was whipped up as a happy-shiny Christmas Facebook viral for Scope Mouthwash.

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  • Farmville

    The herd is coming! This is another great example of a 2D to 3D character transformation.

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  • Chevrolet Heartbeat
    Chevrolet Heartbeat

    McCannWorldgroup Ecuador decided to commission this super slick showcase featuring of five of their vehicles.

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  • Recyclin’ Rowdy
    Recyclin’ Rowdy

    The Doh’s have a new pal – Recyclin Rowdy!

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  • Doodles

    In between the big shiny high profile projects, we chip away at smaller spots that perhaps don’t get the attention they so richly deserve.

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  • GM Terrain
    GM Terrain

    We revised the motion graphic elements and added new supers, to make this TVC region specific.

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  • Tink

    3D animation isn’t always about crazy explosions or dancing consumables.

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  • Nike ACG
    Nike ACG

    This downtime project was a collaboration with UK based Art Director, Robert Northam.

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  • Mubadala Journey
    Mubadala Journey

    With involvement in everything from new energy and aerospace, to healthcare and education.

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  • Paper Cut
    Paper Cut

    For the launch of The National newspaper, we created a cinema ad, TVC and billboard print stills.

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  • Disney Princess
    Disney Princess

    Feast your eyes on the sparkling wonder that is Disney Princess Pop Up Magic!

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  • KREO Transformers
    KREO Transformers

    Transformers is back and oh boy were we excited to be a part of the Bayhem in a teeny tiny way!

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  • Apple Products
    Apple Products

    Always a pleasure to get the opportunity to pitch on Apple!

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  • BeyWarriors Shogun Steel
    BeyWarriors Shogun Steel

    We created the BeyWarrior characters as “Warriors Within”!

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  • BDaman

    Marble battles just went high tech, in this new toy featuring characters from an upcoming TV series.

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  • Wizard101

    KingsIsle’s flagship, award-winning, online game: Wizard101.

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  • Spiderman

    The latest in the Fighter Pods toy series, the Amazing Spiderman and friends battle it out against the bad guys.

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  • The Nigel Strikes Back
    The Nigel Strikes Back

    By now it’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Electric Tiki’s maquettes.

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  • Angry Birds Star Wars
    Angry Birds Star Wars

    When a phenomenon like Angry Birds meets a cult classic like Star Wars, the world gets a bit more awesome!

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  • Toro Snowglobe
    Toro Snowglobe

    Cute Christmassy Pitch for Toro Snowblowers

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  • Coffee-Mate

    This 5” mnemonic will be used across the range for Coffee-mate, so it was pretty important to make it rock!

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  • Transformers Cyberverse
    Transformers Cyberverse

    Big guns! Big toys! Big action! Subtle it ain’t, but that’s why we love ’em!

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  • KREO Transformers – VS
    KREO Transformers – VS

    It’s handbags at high noon on the mean streets of Transformertown!

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  • Transformers Weaponizers
    Transformers Weaponizers

    When you absolutely positively got to kill every last mech in the room, accept no substitutes!

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  • Elefun & Friends
    Elefun & Friends

    We’re having Elefun! This series of 3 commercials is definitely the cutest animation we have done yet!

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  • Kreo Brickbuild 2
    Kreo Brickbuild 2

    Bumblebee is at it again! Being chased through Kreo City by the Decepticons!

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  • Maydan Sama Dubai
    Maydan Sama Dubai

    Kudos to the team for pulling off a beautiful piece of work in an eye wateringly short amount of time.

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  • Star Wars – Lightsaber Limbo
    Star Wars – Lightsaber Limbo

    A bit of downtime from fighting the Empire and Chewie is lovin’ the Limbo … might be an idea to suck in that belly though!

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  • Comcast

    This four day extravaganza included everything from concept, to CG production, to audio.

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  • Star Wars – Jedi Knightmare
    Star Wars – Jedi Knightmare

    Anakin’s beauty sleep is enhanced with a little help from Obi Wan & R2!

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  • Star Wars – Sith and Spin
    Star Wars – Sith and Spin

    It’s the dark side of the dark side: a Sith Lord can’t get no respect! Well, not when Yoda is around anyway!

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  • Star Wars – What Goes Around
    Star Wars – What Goes Around

    The ol’ “foam in the helmet” gag usually goes down a treat – who knew Darth Vader was so sensitive?

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  • LVQR Vita
    LVQR Vita

    We were given the task of integrating the LVQR cow into the scenes with the kids, as well as whipping up a swirly, creamy demo.

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  • Star Wars Fighter Pods
    Star Wars Fighter Pods

    Micro Heroes. Mega Battles!

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  • Play-Doh

    The fun is in the Play-Doh! Doh-doh-doh-doh! The launch of Play-Doh’s Swirling Shake Shoppe Toy.

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  • Kreo Desert Rose
    Kreo Desert Rose

    They made a cameo in Kreo Transformers and now the Kreons are starring in their own action packed bumper!

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  • Making of Chevrolet Heartbeat
    Making of Chevrolet Heartbeat

    A sneak peak at the inner workings of Team Clockwork, as they sprinkled their own special brand of fairy dust on the Chevrolet Heartbeat project.

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  • Du Gold
    Du Gold

    A battle of brains vs brawn plays out in this 30″ character animation for Du.

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  • Orange and Carrot
    Orange and Carrot

    In a crisp, white, Apple style world, we meet our two characters…

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  • Fifa Coke
    Fifa Coke

    Laduuuumaaaaa! World Cup fever!

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  • ADCO Life Protection Rules
    ADCO Life Protection Rules

    The ADCO Life Protection Rules are 9 simple rules to prevent death and/or injury in the extreme conditions of the oil and gas industry.

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  • Chevrolet Valley
    Chevrolet Valley

    This downtime project was an exercise in creating mood. The team modelling, textured and lit the environment and hand animated the car’s perilous crossing.

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  • Formula 1
    Formula 1

    Grand Prix at Yas Marina Circuit

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  • NBD

    This sequence was created entirely out of hand painted images which were scanned, cut up, assembled and animated in After Effects.

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  • White

    Chevrolet has a new look, with a crisp, slick style. Click “Read more” to see all 4 commercials.

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  • Chevrolet T-Rex
    Chevrolet T-Rex

    We created a clumsy, calamitous Rex and a digital family to ride on him in 14 of the 19 effects shots.

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  • Gillette

    We post produced a series of 3 Gillette TVCs for Hungary, Egypt and Nigeria.

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  • Dubai Racing
    Dubai Racing

    Dubai’s iconic buildings break through the desert plain.

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  • Kippreport

    It’s quick it’s simple……but it works so well. Click “Read more” to see the other clips.

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  • Royal Opera House of Muscat
    Royal Opera House of Muscat

    Bringing a little classical class to the reel is this series of motion graphic animations for Royal Opera House of Muscat.

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  • Technical Work
    Technical Work

    Believe it or not, there isn’t one button for lighting, one button for texturing, and 2 buttons for animating.

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  • Coco Pops
    Coco Pops

    Coco Pops connoisseur Zikra came up with her winning story and it was our pleasure to execute her vision.

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  • Du

    Words are fun! And informative also – who knew! Click “Read more” to see all the Commercials.

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  • Al Arabi
    Al Arabi

    Creating the five different photoreal food types for these commercials challenged us on all fronts. Click “Read more” to see all 5 TVC’s.

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  • Pik One
    Pik One

    Lots of difference dynamics in action – a rich, chocolatey splash, a creamy milky splash…

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  • La Vache Qui Rit Heads
    La Vache Qui Rit Heads

    The many faces of the laughing cow, La Vache Qui Rit, were created as high res stills for billboards.

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  • Brochure Covers
    Brochure Covers

    Click “Read more” to view all 12 Brochure Covers.

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