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Play-Doh Montage

The fun is in the Play-Doh! Doh-doh-doh-doh!

For each new product launch in the Play-Doh line, we get to conceptualize and create a new world made of Play-Doh and of course, create the many adventures of the adorable Doh-Doh characters that live there.

Play-Doh Montage

Play-Doh Original Pitch

Our 3D pitch for the project was inspired by the Toy Story bedroom – the perfect setting for the Doh Doh’s gang to come alive and get up to mischief. As usual, we were on a tight deadline for this pitch, from start to finish – 5 days, and a whole lot of coffee :)

Play-Doh 3D Pitch

Play-Doh 2D Pitch

Play-Doh Mascots

The Doh-Dohs are not the first Play-Doh mascots (there was an Elf in the 60s and more recently, Play-Doh Pete), but they have got to be the most fun! It was both a pleasure and true privilege to be involved in designing the new mascots for this iconic brand and bringing them to life!

Character Doodles

Early Character Designs

Final Character Designs

2D Concept of the Gang

Initial Background

Toy Concept