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Trail Mixup by Nigel

This personal project is a 3d recreation of the second Jessica Rabbit maquette, created by Electrik Tiki, based on the “Trail Mix-Up” short. Reference photos of the physical maquette were once again used. No side view was available though, which posed a challenge when it came to posing the model. It’s as close as it’ll […]

Jessica Rabbit by Nigel

This was a personal project, which I undertook in my spare time. It remained a work in progress for the better part of two years. Shocking, I know! I dusted it off recently, and over the course of two days, finished up the modeling, lit, textured and renderd it out in deliciously über high resolution. […]

Fun Photos!

So who is Team Clockwork? What do they do/love/see/eat? Surely it’s not all work and no funzies? Well, a whip around the office garnered a cool collection of happy snaps from vacations and staycations, parties and feel good days. It appears that we are rockin the fun things, invigorated by the scary things and in […]

Motion Graphics by Mila and Nico

Battleship Pitch

As part of our treatment for a pitch, we spent 2 days unleashing our inner Maverick, racing F-18s, doing flybys over aircraft carriers and shooting missiles.

Nigel at it again

What does a visual effects artist do in his spare time? Thats a trick question, cause there is no spare time to be had in this industry :) It would be more accurate to ask what one does when he should be sleeping! Speed Modeling Challenges is the answer. The concept is a simple one. […]

Character Creation Process

Team Clockwork is sometimes accused of making things look easy – this is no exception! Here, in brief, is the making of a 3D character. We go from 2D concept, to 3D model, add textures, build a rig and animate a simple walk cycle.

Character Designs

Bully Designs Falcon Mascot Design Kid Sketches Kid Render Kid Turnaround Animation Falcon Sketches Pinky Sketches Pinky Sketches Pinky Sketches Layout for Character Design Various Concepts, Character Designs, and Character Models that we have completed over the recent months. Credit goes to Qais M. Sedki at Pageflip Publishing for the design of the Kid character […]

Character Pitch

We’ve been working on a pitch over the past 3 days, and thought you might like to see the progress. The shots were filmed on our new Canon 5D, in one of our many splendid local parks. For your interest, for the second and third shot, the foreground grass is all CG, with a displacement […]

3D Printed Models

Every so often it is nice to make a 3D model you can cuddle in the real world … if that’s your thing. The tactile experience can be a great selling tool for a pitch, or a keepsake from an awesome project. How do I get one, you ask? Through the power of fairy dust […]