Clockwork VFX


Jessica Rabbit by Nigel

This was a personal project, which I undertook in my spare time. It remained a work in progress for the better part of two years. Shocking, I know! I dusted it off recently, and over the course of two days, finished up the modeling, lit, textured and renderd it out in deliciously ├╝ber high resolution. The idea was to keep her looking like a maquette, so I shied away from using real skin and cloth shaders.

A few reference photos of the physical maquette, created by Electric Tiki, based on a design by Tracy Mark Lee, and sculpted by Raffaello Vecchione, were used as my guide during the modeling process. Lightwave 3D was used, from start to finish.

This fan art is not affiliated with, authorised, endorsed or in anyway officially connected with the Walt Disney Company, Disney Enterprises, or Electric Tiki. No Copyright infringement intended. Visit to see their amazing work.