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Qatar Summer Festival

It’s more than just fun in the sun for Qatar’s Summer Festival.

Friends of the Air

Wordsworth may have wandered lonely as a cloud, but Friends of the Air make happy clouds!

Game of Life

Using the 2D artwork from the game board, our team crafted a wonderfully detailed mini-verse.

Dubai Motor Show

These funky graphics illustrate the Dubai Motor Show’s theme of Passion on Wheels.

Transformers Battle Masters

We build up the excitement with an homage to boxing classics, cramming all the key moments into this 90 second extravaganza!

UAE League Cup

The UAE League Cup soccer stars trip the light Tron-tastic, in their futuristic arena.

Monster 500

The scariest, wackiest monster race you have ever seen!

Kinect Sports Rivals

We were so thrilled to be involved in the launch of Kinect Sports Rivals for Xbox One!


Clockwork recreated the Pirate world and characters for the game cinematic. Yarr!!

Monopoly Junior

Welcome to Monopoly Town, with your gracious host: Mr Monopoly himself!